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An effective combination of people, purpose, and product is what makes Rio Diamond Manufacturing Corporation a successful business that stands out among the rest. Since 1969, when the company was first established, until the present date, Rio Diamond has proven its reputation within the industry to be one of the most well respected diamond companies.

Originally, Rio Diamond solely cut, polished, and sawed rough diamonds. Now the close knit-family business of father and son has expanded its trade as a wholesale distributor of white and natural fancy colored diamonds. With over 50 years of experience, the company continues to bring relevance and uniqueness to each product.

Rio Diamond participates in several international trade-shows throughout the year, as a result, the company has built a large global network of sales and marketing that reaches customers worldwide. With an array of color diamonds from the most common, to the most rare of pink, blue, green, purple, orange, and even red; this company prizes itself in providing the finest quality of color diamonds.

Every diamond is hand inspected by trained professionals and comes with a GIA laboratory certificate to ensure the finest quality of diamonds. This significant value to buyers is what gives Rio Diamond Manufacturing Corporation its distinction and honorable reputation.